Big bangs heard in north Norfolk

 Lightning striking Dereham windmill, after new sails are erected.

Lightning striking Dereham windmill, after new sails are erected. - Credit:

A series of big bangs have been reported in north Norfolk tonight, which caused a Twitter storm.

Reports began coming in around 8pm after people in the Cromer and Sheringham areas took to social networks to find the cause of a number of loud bangs.

People suggested that it could have been a sonic boom or even a meteor fireball. However, many north Norfolk residents confirmed later that it was a thunder and lightning storm.

Chris Bell, of the University of East Anglia-based Weatherquest, said on Twitter at 8.40pm: 'I can confirm...thunderstorms on-going across Norfolk at the moment.'

Jono Read, of Holt, on Twitter added: 'We had one large flash of lightning followed by an unusually loud bang of thunder. Bit of rain and all is quiet again.'

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Coral Lewis added: 'It's thundering really loudly here in Cromer. I've got a perfect view! It lasted for ages! Shook our flat. It's gone out to sea now.'

Kate Royall, from Cromer, added: 'I only heard it once, it was really bizarre, like a low lying boom!'

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