“We could all be wrong” - Democratic pollster on the possibility of a Brexit-style poll shock in the US election

Voters line up at outside polling place at the Fogelsville Volunteer Fire Co (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

Voters line up at outside polling place at the Fogelsville Volunteer Fire Co (AP Photo/Matt Slocum) - Credit: AP

A Democrat pollster has admitted polls which put Hillary Clinton ahead in today's US election race could be wrong - but dismisses the parallels with Brexit.

Jefrey Pollock, founding partner and president of Global Strategy Group, said that while they could all be wrong, there had been a massive amount of data and rigorous modelling which pointed to a victory for the Democrats.

He said that the 'multimodal stuff' - meaning the online and the phone polls – 'all sort of make sense and they all – they all are in line'.

But Republican pollster John McLaughlin, chief executive of McLaughlin and Associates which has been working with Republican candidate Donald Trump, said that while the Democrats were organised 'the mob is coming out today', adding later that Brexit had proved that voters loved making fools of pollsters.

While most opinion polls tightened in the final days of the European Union referendum campaign and were within a margin of error, markets suggested there would be a remain vote.

Mr Pollock said: 'I cannot sit here and say that it is impossible, and again, Nate Silver [a high profile pollster], who is a genius, says that Donald Trump has a 35 percent chance of winning. Well, that's not an insignificant chance of winning. But based on all that we've seen, there's nothing that would indicate that we are looking at – in the face of a Brexit-style problem.'

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