‘We all stand strong together’ Young Esme’s inspiring message on terrorism

Esme Findlay, aged 11, from Dereham. Picture: CLAIRE FINDLAY.

Esme Findlay, aged 11, from Dereham. Picture: CLAIRE FINDLAY. - Credit: Archant

On May 22 at approximately 8pm, our daughter Esmé, aged 11, reads out to us her piece of English coursework that she had been working on and out of school in the week leading up to the Manchester attack.

The work had to be a persuasive speech in text using rhetorical devices, on any topic of the writer's choosing (bear in mind she is in year 7 aged 11). Esmé wrote a piece about standing up to terrorism and how we should not let it stop us from leading normal lives.

Then, two and a half hours later, the events unfolded in Manchester. And now here we are again another attack on the innocent.

This is what she wrote:

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The issue of terrorism

We are all scared, we all support others, we all wonder will we wake up the next day? We are all different, we imagine what tomorrow is going to bring! We all stand strong together!

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Hello mothers, fathers, mothers of fathers, fathers of mothers, daughters, sons, grannies and grandads. Today we will be discussing the issue of terrorism. Who wants to live in a world where we jump at even the slightest car horn because we are so on edge, a world where there is no peace not even for one day? We don't realise how lucky we are to be living today until it's too late.

Terrorism has an immense impact in our world, the world we live in today. We can't stop our lives for these ignorant people; they will not win us over. They may not know any different by harming, killing and fighting but we do and we can put a stop to it if we all stand together, side by side, supporting everyone around us.

I know I have suffered from anxieties and been scared to do things; I have stopped my life for them, now I know that was a mistake being fearful and I don't want our future heroes, doctors, teachers, lawyers, mothers and fathers to make the same mistake I did. We only have one chance to live, we're not like cats with nine lives or worms with 10+ lives or even game characters with more than one life so take those opportunities and have a good life.

No-one should hide in their room or refuse to go anywhere. We have to live our lives while we can and support others who may have anxieties about it or someone who may have lost a loved one. We will not give up. Do you really want to live your lives around these demons? We are not afraid! We are strong! We are together no-one is alone

By Esmé Findlay, aged 11, pupil of Dereham Neatherd High School

I am sad as her mum that she felt that this subject was necessary but proud for the power of her words.

Our thoughts go out to all the people dealing with terrorism in their everyday lives across our world.



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