Wave of shed break-ins over the bank holiday weekend in Yarmouth

Police are investigating the incidents. Photo: Library

Police are investigating the incidents. Photo: Library

Residents are being urged to keep their sheds secure after 17 break-ins over the bank holiday weekend in Great Yarmouth.

The incidents happened on sites off Tar Works Road and Freemantle Road in Yarmouth between Friday, April 29 and Monday, May 2.

A police spokesman said: 'Sheds and insecure outdoor buildings can be an Aladdin's Cave for burglars. Many sheds are of light-weight construction and can be easily forced open.

'They often contain high value items which are valuable commodities to the thief. Taking a few simple measures to improve the security of your shed or outbuilding can make life difficult for thieves.'

The police have issued the following tips to prevent break-ins.

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• Ideally store high value items in the home

• Use a padlock and chain to secure items such as lawn mowers to a heavy anchor

• Make a property list detailing the make, model, serial number, value and description of valuable items. Take photographs to aid identification.

• Overtly mark your property with your house number and post code - permanently marked property is less attractive as it would be difficult for a thief to sell.


• Fit quality mortice locks or padlocks 1/3 up and 1/3 down on the door to reduce the leverage available

• Do not neglect the hinge either side and use security screws or bolts through their fixings

• Secure the windows with a weld mesh or a crime shield product secured from the inside

• Fit a security light to deter thieves

• Use a shed alarm, which sounds if the shed door is forced open.

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