Watton submits suggestions for gritters

Watton councillors are set to send a list of roads which they believe should be treated in wintery weather to the county council as it prepares to review its gritting routes.

The town council has come up with the suggestions, which includes bus routes, school roads and areas with key community facilities like health centres, in response to December's cold snap.

Clerk Jacqui Seal said: 'Everybody has been complaining about the routes for the gritting in winter.'

The authority now hopes the county council will take the suggestions into account when it begins a review of the service ahead of next winter.

County council spokesman John Birchall said the authority would be looking at whether the route used this year was the most appropriate use of resources and whether particular stretches needed to be added.

He said: 'That will be done over the summer, before the start of the next gritting season, which we sincerely hope will not be as challenging as last December was.

'There are a number of ways we can receive suggestions including through our county members and also town and parish councils.'

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The spokesman said a lot of attention was given to areas where there were important public facilities, like schools and doctors surgeries.

But he warned that, at a cost of �30,000 per run, there was limited scope to increase the number of miles covered by the gritting route.

Town and parish councils are being encouraged to take on some gritting duties on footpaths and trouble-spots not covered by the county council's priority network.