Station issues urgent plea for more firefighters

Watton Fire Station is in need of more on-call firefighters

Watton Fire Station is in need of more on-call firefighters. Pictured (L-R) are Trevor Steward, Chris Fletcher, Peter Bishop and Daniel Cooper - Credit: NFRS

A mid Norfolk fire station has issued an urgent plea for people to come forward and become on-call firefighters. 

Watton Fire Station, which attends around 200 calls a year, is actively looking to add more emergency responders to its team.

It can have an established team of up to 12 personnel, but is currently down to 10.

Ryan Hastings, the station's watch manager, said: "Being an on-call firefighter is an incredibly rewarding job, keeping our communities safe and attending a variety of calls such as fires, crashes, animal rescues and chemical incidents.

"We are ideally looking for people who live and work in Watton. From the time of receiving a call to being at the station, there needs to be a five-minute turnaround.

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"The majority of us have other employment. We've got a plumber, someone from the home office, and someone who teaches jujitsu. There's a real wide variety of people."

To apply, visit

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