Watton business decorates fork lift truck for royal wedding

A forklift truck in Watton has been given a makeover in honour of this week's Royal Wedding.

Workers at Nationwide Food Packing, on the Norwich Road Industrial Estate, can now look out of the window to see the blue, red, and white-striped vehicle working outside.

The business was badly damaged following a fire in a neighbouring unit in February,

Managing director Brenda Henderson said her partner, manager and enthusiastic royalist Mick Curtis decided to decorate the formerly yellow truck to give staff a lift.

It took three days to paint it and includes lashings of bunting and a union flag on the seat.

Ms Henderson said: 'The idea was to lift everybody's spirits. Everybody has been out to have a look. They've all said 'it looks great, but don't you think you've gone a bit over the top?''

It has been a tough time for the 21-year-old Watton business which was badly smoke damaged in February after a fire – thought to be caused by an electrical fault – broke out in reinforced plastics company Carbonelite.

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Nationwide Food Packing has lost one of its three units, which will have to be demolished, and was forced to close for 10 days. During that time, two customers took their business elsewhere.

In total, Ms Henderson thinks she has lost about 25pc of her business as a result of the fire.

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