Watlington nutritionist helps mother’s health after starting her own business

Nutritionist Helen Mileham. Picture: Ian Burt

Nutritionist Helen Mileham. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Ian Burt

A west Norfolk mother heralded her daughter a 'saviour' after she helped her on the road to recovery from a condition which left her hospitalised.

Sylvia Waddington

Sylvia Waddington - Credit: Archant

Sylvia Waddington, 67, suffered with diverticulitis - which aggravates the bowel function - and in May of last year was admitted to hospital with the condition.

A year later and having signed up to a test run of her daughter Helen Mileham's eight-week nutrition course, which she started this year after being made redundant, she has lost a stone and her energy has bounced back.

'I had a week in hospital full of antibiotics and fed with tubes,' said Ms Waddington, of Denver.

'Through diet and being careful not to eat things that would aggravate my condition I found out a lot of things about my own digestive system which is great and my whole life is so much better.

'When Helen said she was going to change her career I thought she was going to be my saviour.'

Mrs Mileham, who previously held an office job in London, said through her group course she could see her mother becoming more excited about trying out new recipes, encouraged by the morale of the other participants.

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The 40-year-old said much of the success she had with clients was thanks to food intolerance testing, something she was inspired to do by a nutritionist in Chelmsford and wanted to carry out closer to home.

Client Frances Collard said she overheard Mrs Mileham talking about her nutrition business in a pub and, although she was skeptical at first, thought it might help her irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) - which she was diagnosed with five years ago.

'I have lost about two stone now. I am not hungry and I feel better in myself. I had no idea I was dairy intolerant which has made a huge difference. I have a lot more energy.

'It's a work in progress but now I feel so much better, I can get up and go to work without worrying I have to be dashing back to the toilet.'

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