WATCH: Who is standing in the General Election 2017 in Great Yarmouth and why do they think you should vote for them?

General election candidates for Great Yarmouth (L-R): Catherine Blaiklock (UKIP), James Joyce (Liber

General election candidates for Great Yarmouth (L-R): Catherine Blaiklock (UKIP), James Joyce (Liberal Democrats), Brandon Lewis (Conservative), Mike Smith-Clare (Labour) and Harry Webb (Green Party). - Credit: Archant

We asked the general election candidates in Great Yarmouth to tell us why you should vote for them on Thursday, June 8. We also invited them to submit videos outlining their three priorities. This is what they said:

Catherine Blaiklock (UKIP)

'I came to Happisburgh in Norfolk when I was three months old. My father came for the oil industry and worked for Racal Decca on South Denes.

'I spent a lot of my childhood on the beach by the old power station. My grandparents lived in Lingwood and I have been here since 1963.

'I subsequently had severe bulimia and was put into government care. I attended The Hewett School in Norwich and became the first person ever to get a scholarship to Christ Church Oxford from government care.

'I studied geography and climatology and it was these studies that made me a climate change sceptic.

'I got a Commonwealth scholarship to India and worked all over the world in finance as a trader including in Tokyo, New York, Switzerland and Singapore.

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'I married a Nepalese Sherpa from the Himalayas and had two children.

'I returned to Norfolk in 1999 and have been here ever since. I subsequently married a Jamaican. Run a number of small businesses in the holiday sectors in Norfolk. I understand the problems of small business only too well, especially as a women.

'I have worked in Nepal. Organised a major relief operation during the Nepal earthquake including the James Paget surgical team and raised over £100,000 in a week.

'My experiences in Ethiopia, Nepal and elsewhere have also led me to believe disaster relief works and small scale charity initiatives can sometimes work, but foreign aid does not.

'It is my experiences in different countries and with different ethnicities that has made me believe mass immigration will destroy our culture and our country.'

James Joyce (Liberal Democrats)

'I am married with two daughters and one grandson. I was the sub-postmaster in the Norfolk village where I live for 15 years until it shut last year.

'I am a former County Councillor, District Councillor and Police Authority member. At county hall I was both cabinet and lead member for children's services, clearing up the mess left behind by the previous Conservative administration.

'While I was in charge, Norfolk's schools rose to the top half of the national league tables in terms of achievement compared to languishing at the bottom, where they had been for many years.

'When I was on the Police Authority I was the member responsible for the introduction of Safer Neighbourhoods and PCSOs and believe that the reasons for their introduction 10 years ago are even more valid now.

'Funding must be put back into them. I passionately believe that our national services: education, police, social and health, should be properly funded and not living hand-to-mouth as they are at the moment.'

Brandon Lewis (Conservative)

'During this election campaign, I have set out why Theresa May and a Conservative Government will make a difference to the residents of Great Yarmouth and focussed on the key local issues:

'A focus on jobs - working with employers to encourage local apprenticeships and hosting a regular jobs' fair, I will continue to find ways to create more good quality jobs providing all-year-round employment.

'A focus on investment- as a government minister, I've helped secure massive investment for our area, including extra funding for infrastructure projects like safety improvement works on the A47 and a third river crossing.

'A focus on a secure economy - as a Member of Parliament I've supported measures that help hard-working families, such as the freeze on petrol tax and increases in tax free allowances.

'A focus on keeping communities safe – having responsibility for our fire and police services I am at the forefront of making sure they are properly resourced and responding to changing needs in an uncertain world.

'A focus on Britain- we need to focus on securing the best deal for Great Yarmouth and Britain during the Brexit negotiations. We can only ensure this by electing a strong and effective MP, who will stand with Theresa May for the best Brexit deal.

'Great Yarmouth needs a Member of Parliament, with experience and access at the highest levels of government and who is focussed on fighting for our local interests in Westminster.'

Mike Smith-Clare (Labour)

'As someone who lives and works across Great Yarmouth, I want to help make our community safe, prosperous and equal. I want schools we can be proud of, employment that is local and sustainable and a health service that is properly funded and accessible.

'We live in a community where seasonal unemployment, low pay and Universal Credit have wrecked lives.

'It isn't right that in 21st century Britain more people are becoming homeless or relying on food banks and soup kitchens for basic support.

'I will put Great Yarmouth first, not a political career. My passion is our community, I will put our borough first, people above politics.

'I will work for a Brexit that works for the many, not the few. The people have spoken, I will support a Brexit that protects British jobs and British workers.

'I will fight for good jobs and a decent Living Wage.

'I will fight to deliver on Labour's local priority of dualling the A47 Acle Straight. I will work tirelessly to encourage the building of new, good quality social and affordable homes.

'A Labour government will deliver a million more homes, 10,000 more police officers, more doctors and nurses and social care that is fit for our ageing population.

'We have an opportunity on June 8 to make a change. As a community, we can reject the failed policies of an ineffectual and disorganised Tory government.

'Its time for change, join me and vote Labour.'

Harry Webb (Green)

'My name is Harry Webb, I am 23 years old and my occupation is in the health and social sector where I work as care manager, primarily helping individuals suffering from dementia. I have lived in the Great Yarmouth area my whole life and currently reside in the village of Caister-on-Sea.

'I have been heavily involved in charity and community work from a young age; working with projects such as the Norfolk Youth Fund, Community Connections and in more recent years I have served as a Parish Councillor in the village of Caister.

'I am passionate about our town and I am determined that it is only through community engagement with both the young and the old that we can create a thriving and prosperous society here in Great Yarmouth.

'However this is not something we can work towards under a climate of cuts to social services, cuts to the NHS, no investment in community infrastructure and little support for new local businesses. As the youngest candidate I provide a fresh approach to solving the issues in our town; we need a community based individual like myself to tackle the very local and unique problems facing Great Yarmouth.'