Watch: Video of Norwich dog having his ears wiggled goes viral

Dilbert the Corgi from Norwich. Photo: Sian Davies

Dilbert the Corgi from Norwich. Photo: Sian Davies - Credit: Archant

A video of a dog from Norwich went viral on social media over the Bank Holiday weekend, gaining almost 100,000 views on Facebook and being shared over 1000 times.

Move over @itsdougthepug, the Internet might have just found itself a new furry, four-legged social media star, in the form of Dilbert the Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

Dilbert, may only have 1,850 likes on Facebook, but that all seems set to change after a video of him which was uploaded to Facebook on Saturday evening, was viewed 99,000 times in just 48 hours by Facebook users from all over the world.

The video, captioned 'This is Corgi 737 preparing for takeoff', was created using the Boomerang App which speeds up videos and plays them on a loop, and shows Dilbert's ears being wiggled.

Dilbert's owner, Sian Davies was very surprised by the reaction to the video. She said: 'We never expected it to become so popular. Sometimes we'll spend ages planning our social media posts and think they'll work well but then nothing happens. With this video, we didn't really think much of it to be honest, but I woke up the next morning and my phone was going crazy.'

The 24-year-old Aviva worker and her partner James have been the proud owners of Dilbert since August 2015, when they welcomed the eight-week-old puppy into their home.

The pair first began posting images of Dilbert online last year, but didn't set out with plans to make their dog a social media sensation. 'We started off by creating an Instagram account so that we had somewhere to share photos of our new puppy, without clogging up all our friends' Facebook pages,' Sian said. 'Once the photos began to get popular, we then decided to make a Facebook page as well.'

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Dilbert currently has over 5000 followers on Instagram, where over 500 photos and videos of the Corgi have been posted for all to see.

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