WATCH: Van cuts up driving instructor on A11

A11 dash cam footage. Photo: Dan Nicholls

A11 dash cam footage. Photo: Dan Nicholls - Credit: Dan Nicholls

A driving instructor on his way to give a lesson in Poringland has shared this footage of a van driver cutting him up on the A11.

It happened at 8.57am on October 19 as Dan Nicholls was driving between Taverham and Poringland.

Mr Nicholls, a driving instructor of around 12 years, said: 'What shocked me was the speed at which he came down the slip road. He didn't even look in his blind spot. I was quite prepared for what was about to happen but I still didn't expect it to happen.'

He said while incidents like this were 'rare', it could have ended badly.

'It is all about forward planning and basic awareness of other road users around you,' he said. 'I got on the brakes pretty hard and had to swerve to the right with some obscenities. It could have been a lot worse. I didn't expect it at all. With the distance between him and the lorry he didn't need to come out that early at all.'

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