Watch: UEA student shows off his incredible parkour skills around the Norwich campus

Jack Found jumping up wall on UEA campus.

Jack Found jumping up wall on UEA campus. - Credit: Archant

A student at the University of East Anglia has filmed himself performing a variety of impressive parkour tricks around the campus in Norwich.

Jack Found, 20, posted the video on YouTube on Thursday and it has already got nearly 2,000 views.

The American Literature and Creative Writing student, from Salisbury, has been doing parkour for about four years now and said the UEA campus is a great place to train.

'I have always been hyperactive and jumping off things and thought parkour was something exciting I could do instead of just landing on my head,' he said. 'I am spoilt for choice for places to train on campus- it is a dream training area for parkour.'

Jack is only in his first year at the university and has plans to expand his training to Norwich city centre. There has also been talk about setting up a parkour society but he does not know if the university would allow it.

'I have been getting in trouble with security on campus. Some have told me to stop straight away and move on whilst others have been really interested in what I have been doing and what to see more,' he said. 'For me it is all about progression and I find it quite freeing.'

•To see more of Jack's parkour videos visit his YouTube channel.