Watch: Mothers urged to stop daughters travelling to Syria in counter-terrorism campaign backed by Cambridgeshire Police

The RAF are bombing ISIS in Syria. Photo: Cpl Neil Bryden/RAF/Mod/Crown Copyright/PA Wire

The RAF are bombing ISIS in Syria. Photo: Cpl Neil Bryden/RAF/Mod/Crown Copyright/PA Wire - Credit: PA

Cambridgeshire Police is backing a new campaign which aims to stop young women and girls travelling to Syria.

The counter-terrorism campaign centres on a new film which urges mothers to help prevent their daughters making the dangerous journey to Syria.

The short film, developed in association with the charity Families Against Stress and Trauma, focuses on three Syrian refugee mothers speaking directly to mothers in the UK about the harsh reality of life in Syria and asking why any woman would want to bring their family to a war zone.

It includes open letters that the women have written, urging mothers in this country to try and stop their daughters travelling to Syria.

It comes as new figures reveal that 56 women and girls were reported missing to the police by their families in 2015, all feared to have travelled to Syria.

Regional Prevent co-ordinator, Chief Inspector Matt Thompson, said: 'The film delivers an important message around the risks of travelling to Syria and the personal accounts really bring home the reality that these people could be putting themselves in danger and out of reach of help and support.

'We are committed to doing whatever we can to ensure communities can play their part in helping to prevent terrorism by identifying, protecting and supporting the small minority who may be drawn into terrorism.

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'We continue to encourage family members and friends to highlight any concerns at an early stage so that we can work with them and partners to safeguard people who may be thinking about travelling to Syria.'

The campaign will be launched at a community centre in London and regional events across the country will be asked to support the Prevent Tragedies campaign by sharing its messages with their families and friends.

•Anyone who is worried about a loved one and concerned they are considering travelling to Syria is encouraged to reach specially trained police officers by calling 101 or visiting