WATCH: How to spot the fake £20 notes circulating in Norfolk

Police are warning people to check their �20 notes. Picture: Sonya Duncan.

Police are warning people to check their �20 notes. Picture: Sonya Duncan. - Credit: Sonya Duncan

Police are warning shoppers and traders to keep an eye out for fake £20 notes circulating across parts of Norfolk - here is how to spot them.

• Paper - genuine banknote paper should feel crisp; it should not be limp and it should not feel like normal paper.

• Print - this should feel slightly rough to the touch, as certain features are raised.

• Watermark - in genuine notes, these should hardly be apparent until the note is held up to the light, at which point, the portrait should become clear as subtle light and shade becomes visible.

• Hologram - the colours and images on a genuine note's hologram should change depending on the angle at which the note is held.

• Security thread - if you hold a note up to the light you should see a bold metallic thread running through the paper; this is the security thread.

• Serial numbers - all genuine notes have individual serial numbers, therefore, if you have two notes with the same number, one of them is guaranteed to be counterfeit.

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