Wartime bomb blown up in Norwich’s Mile Cross

More than 50 homes were evacuated in the Bowers Avenue area of Mile Cross after an unexploded shell was discovered by builders.

The drama unfolded today when the builders who had been working on flats were digging a car park.

The device was finally blown up by a bomb disposal team shortly before 1pm.

People staying in their homes reported a puff of smoke and a muffled sound.

Norfolk Police had cordoned off a 200-yard exclusion zone, and, before the controlled explosion, Sgt Keith Philpot said: 'We have called the bomb disposal team in and they have said it needs to be exploded on the site.

'We are waiting for sandbags from the city council to compact the area.'

He said the shell was no bigger than his clipboard and was likely to have been a from a battery gun being used to protect the airport during the second world war.

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Sgt Philpot said it was fortunate that a lot of people were at work. Police were concentrating on the elderly and infirm, and shelter was being provided at the Norman Centre in Bignold Road.

One of those to leave his home was city councillor Paul Kendrick.

About 15 police officers and PCSOs were knocking on doors and asking people to move out.

Peter Dack, 74, of Eustace Road, said: 'I saw the bomb disposal van going up the road at about 9.30am and we've had a police officer knock on the door, telling us to evacuate.'

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