Warning to partygoers celebrating New Year’s Eve in Lowestoft

Police are looking for witnesses to a robbery in Norwich. Picture: James Bass.

Police are looking for witnesses to a robbery in Norwich. Picture: James Bass. - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2011

People who are out celebrating on New Year's Eve are being urged to enjoy a safe and enjoyable night – with help from police in Lowestoft.

Tonight, a police base will be situated at Royal Green, next to the East Point Pavilion, and it will be used as a base where any pub or club goers can get help or assistance.

Officers will patrol the area. Anyone found to be in need of help will be looked after for the rest of the evening, whether they require medical treatment, sobering-up, or getting home safely.

Officers will also be talking to staff at licensed venues to ensure that premises are run responsibly and that alcohol isn't served to those who are either under age or deemed to have drunk too much.

Inspector Richard Hill, who has been organising the night, said; 'Police work closely with partner agencies, including Waveney District Council, CCTV, other emergency services, St John Ambulance and

the Town Pastors throughout the year but we know Christmas and New Year are particularly busy and we wanted to provide extra support on one of the

main party nights of the season.

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'It's all about making sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable night out.

'Too often we deal with people who have had so much to drink that they are not aware of what is happening around them which puts them in danger.

'Simple things, such as moderating your drinking and staying with your friends, can mean you're safer but on New Year's Eve there will be an extra point that anyone can come to for assistance.'

Officers on patrol will also be wearing body-cams while dealing with individuals they deem vulnerable. The footage may then be shown back to the person concerned at a later date to highlight how their behaviour could have put their own safety at risk.