Warning to drivers to cut their speed on busy road through village

Coast Road, Mundesley
Picture to illustrate 30mph speed limit on Coastal Roads

Coast Road, Mundesley Picture to illustrate 30mph speed limit on Coastal Roads For:EDP Copy: - Credit: Colin Finch

A mother of three young children has made a plea for drivers to slow down through her village before a child is killed.

Kristy Loades lives in Fleggburgh and is concerned that lorries, vans and cars are using the A149 to get into Great Yarmouth instead of risking the traffic on the A47 Acle Straight.

The mother-of-three said other parents with youngsters at Fleggburgh Primary School, which faces out on to the Main Road in the village, also share her concerns. The Gate House Close resident added: 'The limit is 30mph, however the lorries and traffic that speed through at excess of 60mph is becoming a frightening concern.

She said during the morning rush hour, which coincides with childrens' walks to school she said the situation was a 'disaster waiting to happen' and drivers were putting children at 'fatal risk'.

She added: 'On more than one occasion my smallest children have been blown into the hedge, or knocked from their feet by the slipstream from speeding lorries.

'The increased proximity of children to speeding vehicles is significantly closer due to the path for pedestrians being so narrow and often being overgrown with hedgerows.

'The situation has become so scary that when I see speeding HGV's ahead I shout 'freeze' and the children huddle under my shelter as I put my back to the road and arms around them to shield them as protection.

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'Because of the severity of the speeding situation, the children have become increasingly nervous about a walk to school, which is a very sad situation.'

Mrs Loades said the solution was, in her opinion, simple and easily resolved.

She said she would like to see either a speed camera or a less expensive and more effective option of putting down speed humps.

'Speed humps situated on this stretch of road leading to the school in both directions would keep our children safe.

'It is therefore required that speed humps should start from the new estate called The Village, where the old Bygone Village attraction was based, past the school and up to the church to allow the children to walk to school safely.'

She has now called on parish councillors, highways department and police to work together to tackle the speeding issue.