Wardens aid young seal pup found tangled in netting on east Norfolk coast

Seal cub stuck in netting at at Horsey. Picture: Tammie Grimmer

Seal cub stuck in netting at at Horsey. Picture: Tammie Grimmer - Credit: Sharron Marie Wheeler/Twitter

A county councillor has praised the prompt actions of volunteer wardens after a young seal pup became entangled in netting at Horsey.

This photograph was taken Tammie Grimmer at Horsey, and then Sharon Marie Wheeler contacted Jonathon Childs, UKIP Norfolk County councillor, and after asking for help, the power of social media took over.

Mr Childs tweeted the RSPCA, and the Friends of Horsey Seals – a group run by volunteers, who oversee the wardening at Horsey and protect the grey seal population from disturbance by the public – went to the aid of the young seal.

Mr Childs said: 'I was contacted by one of my constituents (Sharron) that took the picture, tagged me in it on Facebook and asked for help.

I tweeted the RSPCA and the lady who contacted me contacted the seal watch team at Horsey, again by Facebook.

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'They untangled the seal shown in the picture, but there are two more adult seals still with netting on them that they could not help as they could not get close to them.'

He added: 'After the tidal surge lots of debris has been displaced and washed ashore. It's shocking to think such lovely looking mammals get caught up in netting that has found its way into our seas.

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'I would like to thank the Friends of Horsey Seals for their prompt actions and the RSPCA for their prompt reply - showing the good that social media can do.'

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