Your Say: Will Dereham locals go on holiday abroad this summer?

Roger Walpole

Roger Walpole said he and his family had made no plans to go on holiday this year. - Credit: Noah Vickers

While the UK’s vaccination programme continues at pace, uncertainty lingers over whether holidays in most abroad destinations will be possible this summer.

Our reporter Noah Vickers hit the streets of Dereham to ask locals about their summer plans. 

Roger Walpole, 73, who is retired and lives in Reymerston, said: “Usually we alternate, spending one summer in England and the other in Denmark, where we have good friends.” 

This year however, Mr Walpole said he and his family had made no holiday plans.

“We’re just trying to keep away from people,” he said. 

Susan Starling

Susan Starling has booked a trip to Greece, but is less sure about going now. - Credit: Noah Vickers

Susan Starling, a 65-year-old childminder who lives in Dereham, said she had booked a September 2021 trip to Greece last year, but was more worried now than when she had booked it.

“I’d rather not go now,” said Ms Starling, who added that she hoped the pandemic situation would be improved by the autumn months.

Steve Feagan

Steve Feagan said of the virus and the restrictions: "It is what it is". - Credit: Noah Vickers

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Steve Feagan, a 60-year-old security guard who lives in Dereham, said of the pandemic: “It is what it is. If I could go [on holiday], I probably would.” 

Mr Feagan said that because he had only just settled into a new job, he would not be going on holiday this summer. 

Richard Shand

Richard Shand said he and his family normally go on a cruise, but would be staycationing in the UK this year. - Credit: Noah Vickers

Richard Shand, 75, who is retired and lives in Dereham, said: “We normally try to take a cruise, if we can get one at the right price, but we’re not going to do that this year, and we didn’t do that last year.”

“We’ll be staycationing in the UK. We’re taking our daughter and two grand-daughters to a Haven holiday park in Hopton, [near Great Yarmouth]. Then, just before the schools go back, we’re going up to a holiday cabin in the Lake District.”

Alf and Cindy Conwell

Alf and Cindy Conwell have not made any holiday plans this year. - Credit: Noah Vickers

Alf and Cindy Conwell, 77 and 76 respectively, who are retired and live in Dereham, said: “We’re not planning on anything. We normally go abroad, but we’re not doing anything this year, for health reasons and the virus combined.

“We normally go to Corfu, in Greece.”

Olive Hewitt

Olive Hewitt said she would not be likely to go abroad for a holiday, put off by the virus and the complications brought by restrictions. - Credit: Noah Vickers

Olive Hewitt, a 65-year-old cleaner who lives in Morston, near Blakeney, said: “I haven’t gone on a holiday in a long time.

“I just take days out, instead of going on holiday.” 

She added that if she were to go on holiday this summer, the virus, and the complications of restrictions, would put her off going abroad.