Visibility criticised on road where crash left woman fighting for her life

The B1112 Eriswell Road through the centre of Lakenheath. Picture: Conor Matchett

The B1112 Eriswell Road through the centre of Lakenheath. Picture: Conor Matchett - Credit: Archant

Residents have described a road where a crash left a woman fighting for her life as dangerous and criticised the visibility for drivers at night.

People living on the Eriswell Road which runs through the centre of Lakenheath in Suffolk said the road was plagued by too many parked cars and boy racers.

On Monday a woman was taken to Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge with life threatening injuries after being hit by a silver Renault Scenic at around 5.45pm.

The B1112 is long and straight, with a speed limit of 30mph through Lakenheath, but multiple residents said they regularly saw drivers hurtling down the road at much higher speeds.

Andrew Davidson, who has lived on one of the many junctions along the road for nearly five years, said he was taken aback by the amount of emergency services on the scene on Monday evening.

The 41-year-old said: 'I was just shocked to see the road being closed and the amount of flashing lights.

'It is not the first time we have had flashing lights, we have had multiple crashes at the junction next to my house.'

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One crash involved a letter from the police addressed to the householder.

Mr Davidson said: 'We had a car come out of the junction, hit a car which was pushed into out house's wall.

'We had a note from the police saying 'your house has been involved in a road traffic collision'.

'I do a lot of night driving and the one thing I notice about the roads around here is the visibility. At night it is terrible, I have to use a torch to see inside my car. The road is definitely dangerous.'

Another resident who has lived on the road for more than 13 years and who wanted to stay anonymous also said the road was particularly bad at night.

She said: 'I hear people racing cars going up and down for what sounds like hours. If you have any window open you can hear them.

'I do get fed up of the cars flying down here especially because the road is getting really overcrowded with cars.

The same resident said the town's PCSO, which it no longer has, used to help clear the road of poorly or illegally parked cars, helping make crossing the road a safer endeavour.

She said: 'There are always cars parked on corners as well. Over the last couple of years the road has become full of cars. I would move if I could because of them.

'The road can be really hard to cross.'

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