Video: Thetford rapper films in home town

A rapper recently showcased on Radio One has made a video following his success which he hopes will project him into the big time.

Franko Fraize, 26, from Fulmerston Road, Thetford, appeared on the station's playlist earlier this year, and has since been approached by a music agency which hopes to find him interest from a record label.

He is now set to release a video of his new single, Hand Me Downs, on June 1, which will coincide with a performance at Thetford jubilee celebrations during the same weekend.

Franko, aka Frankie Dean, who works full-time for BT in Norwich, said the video had been filmed in and around his home town.

'It's got that home town vibe and has got a bit in my house and my front garden and shows me walking down the street - people who know Thetford will recognise it,' he said. 'I could have done my first video anywhere but thought it was important to keep it at home. With this I feel like it's something I could play to my nan and my mates and feel the same sense of pride.

'Hopefully it'll get on the telly and hopefully in a few months we'll be sitting down with labels. It's the same as before, I just wanted someone to come forward and help and now I want to get to the next step.'

The single, recorded in his bedroom studio, focuses on knowledge Franko would like to leave as a legacy to those who know him and will feature at his jubilee set along with Thetford on the Map, and My Town.

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'Hand Me Downs comes from things I'd like to pass onto the next generation so when I'm dead and gone people can say 'that's what he's on about',' he said.

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