Video: Teenage girls saved by lifeguards near Cromer Pier



Two teenage girls have been rescued by lifeguards after getting caught in a strong tidal current near Cromer Pier.

Rescuers help a woman who fell and hurt her head on Cromer promenade. Picture: RNLI

Rescuers help a woman who fell and hurt her head on Cromer promenade. Picture: RNLI - Credit: Archant

RNLI lifeguards at Cromer's eastern beach were called into action in the mid-afternoon after lifeguard Henry Woodley noticed two girls in their late teens swimming outside the red and yellow flagged safe-swimming area.

RNLI press officer Philly Byrde explained: 'They had been caught in a strong tidal current which was sweeping them towards Cromer Pier.

'Henry took the rescue board and paddled out to the girls to guide them back to the designated swimming area. As the girls were swept over a submerged groyne, they began to panic and started shouting for help.

'Senior lifeguard Adam Brayne was on a foot patrol at the shoreline as the incident unfolded, and at Henry's signal for help he swam out to assist.

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'Henry brought one of the pair safely back to shore on the rescue board, whilst Adam swam the other girl back using a rescue tube - a portable foam strip used to help casualties stay afloat.'

Once ashore, the lifeguards carried out first aid checks and decided to call an ambulance due to suspected water inhalation.

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Both girls were checked over by paramedics for signs of water on their lungs, before being discharged safe and well at the scene.

Mr Brayne said: 'Fortunately we were able to reach the casualties quickly and prevent this from becoming a more serious situation.

'This incident shows that it's best to choose a lifeguarded beach and always swim between the red and yellow flags.

'That way you know you're swimming in an area which is safe from dangerous currents, and you're doing so under the watchful eye of the lifeguards.

'We're always happy to give advice about local conditions and hazards to anyone who visits the beach. If you do get into trouble in the water, wave your hand in the air and shout for help.'

Earlier in the day lifeguards had also gone to the aid of a woman in her 40s who had injured her head and knee after falling from a ledge at the east end of the Cromer promenade, near to the RNLI inshore lifeboat station.

Lifeguards Henry Woodley, Oliver Frere-Smith and volunteer Brendan Fletcher, arrived to find the woman lying on the ground, conscious, but after an initial assessment by the lifeguards she was able to sit up.

After further assessment by paramedics, the woman was reassured that she was well enough to seek further advice and treatment from a doctor.

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