Video: Steve Coogan filming new Alan Partridge show in Norwich city centre this lunchtime

One of Norwich's most-loved fictional characters is paying a visit to his home city this week.

Alan Partridge, played by actor Steve Coogan, is in the city this week, filming new material.

He was seen filming scenes outside City Hall this morning and on the market.

It is believed that the programme, which is being produced by Baby Cow, will be shown on Sky next spring.

Mike Gallivan, assistant director, said: 'We can't say much. We are loving being back in Norwich, everyone has been lovely.

'It's nice to come back to Norwich just before Christmas to work on an exciting project.

'We are filming at the market, a swimming pool and at the ski slopes. We're here for the week.'

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Although Mr Gallivan remained tight-lipped about the show, he said it would be a documentary about Alan Partridge.

Local people who were in the city had the chance to get involved and feature as extras.

Paul Timbers, 51, a civil servant from The Avenues, off Colman Road, said: 'I saw someone I used to work with and they said Steve Coogan was being filmed by the market.'

Mr Timbers, who was on his lunchbreak, was chosen to be one of the extras.

He added: 'I was watching in the crowd and they were trying to make it seem more genuine.

'I'm a fan, I think Alan Partridge is funny. He is an amusing guy.'

Mr Coogan filmed a scene at Norwich market on Mike, Debs and Sons' fruit and veg stall.

Mike Read, who runs the stall with his wife, Debs and their son, Brendan, said: 'The production company asked us last week if they could do some filming and we said no problem.

'He turned up about 9am and started filming and they were here for about three hours.

'They filmed a few comedy sketches and he signed some postcards for us.

'It was a good attraction having him here in Norwich. People were really excited, they love celebrities.

'I'm a fan of Alan Partridge, I really like him.

'We watched them film all the way through. It's surprising how many takes they have got to do.'

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