Footage shows dramatic erosion at Happisburgh

A cliff fall at Happisburgh which was first noticed in November last year has expanded.

Happisburgh has been particularly badly hit by coastal erosion this winter. - Credit: Tony Boiling

The Coastguard has shared a dramatic video showing the extent of erosion along the north Norfolk coast along with a warning to people to be careful if walking in the area.

The footage, which was taken at Happisburgh, shows a large chunk of the cliff missing and water running off the fields into the debris from the landslip.

The fall is the latest in a series along the coastline and at Happisburgh which has been particularly badly hit been erosion over the last few months.

In November, a cliff collapse took out part of the coast path and both the coastguard and North Norfolk District Council have warned people to take care if walking along the cliffs or beaches in areas susceptible to falls.

Bacton Coastguard station officer Pete Revell. 

Bacton Coastguard station officer Pete Revell. - Credit: Supplied by Pete Revell

Pete Revell, Bacton Coastguard station officer, said various points along the north Norfolk coastline between Overstand and Happisburgh were being affected by erosion, with Happisburgh among the worse affected.

Mr Revell said: "[The cliffs] are so unstable at the moment and this winter Happisburgh seems to have been the worse."

The remaining debris after two separate cliff falls happened along Happisburgh Beach Picture: NEIL

A sign warning people to be careful near Happisburgh's cliffs - Credit: NEIL DIDSBURY

He said in more than 30-years on the Norfolk Coast he had never know a season so bad for erosion at Happisburgh as the current winter. 

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"There's a lot of rain washing off the land, there are mini waterfalls. Everybody keeps saying it's the sea that is causing the erosion but it's both, it's water coming off the land and the sea," he said.

Mr Revell urged anyone walking along the coastline to be careful and to be mindful of how unstable the cliffs were.

He said: "You have always got to be mindful that the cliffs are very unstable and when you are standing on the edge of the cliff you might not be standing on anything at all, there are lots of undercuts.

"These cliffs are going in huge chunks, 100 ft chunks not just a couple of inches. Be mindful when walking near the cliffs at the moment and when you are on the beach because if the cliffs are coming down you've got to be careful."