Video: RAF Marham jets hit Isis/Daesh targets in Syria and Iraq

A Tornado GR4 lands at RAF Marham. Picture: Ian Burt

A Tornado GR4 lands at RAF Marham. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Ian Burt

The RAF has carried out a series of strikes against Isis/Daesh terrorists is Iraq and Syria.

Tornado GR4s, based at RAF Marham but flying out of RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus, have bombed terrorist combatants and buildings in support of Kurdish troops.

On Wednesday, January 6, Tornados dropped Paveway IV bombs on close combat soldiers near Hadith in Iraq.

In northern Iraq, Tornado GR4s supported Kurdish forces south of Sinjar, using a Paveway IV to destroy a terrorist team manning rocket launchers, while near Mosul, three fighting positions and three accommodation blocks used by Isis/Daesh were destroyed by six Paveways.

During patrols over Mosul and Kisik on Thursday and Friday further terrorist positions were destroyed, the Ministry of Defence has said, including rocket launcher and machine-gun teams.

On Sunday the focus turned to a series of targets inside Syria. Near Raqqa, a pair of Tornados bombed a pair of Daesh-held buildings, one of which was a confirmed command and control centre, and used a Brimstone missile to destroy a supply truck.

A second pair of GR4s dropped four Paveways on a tunnel complex, again near Raqqa.

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During the evening, a further Tornado flight and a Reaper drone used a combination of Brimstone and Hellfire missiles to attack a number of mobile cranes brought in by Isis/Daesh to attempt to repair the severe damage inflicted by previous RAF and coalition air strikes on the Omar oil field.