Video: Public warned not to get too close to baby seals on Winterton to Horsey beach


Animal lovers are being warned not to disturb seals breeding on Norfolk's beaches after a photographer was spotted getting dangerously close to a pup on Winterton beach.


The mystery photographer was seen on the beach yesterday, lying on the sand and taking close up pictures of a baby seal. A passer-by, who captured the incident on camera, said he was 'literally inches' away from the newborn.

'Despite having a camera with a large zoom lens, he was continually getting far too close to very young seal pups to photograph them,' they said.

'I understand that the mothers can abandon pups where people get too close.'

Alan Hatton, who visited the seals on Friday, shot some video footage of adult seals fighting.

'We shot this video from up on the dunes behind the guard ropes,' he said.

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'It shows how vicious they are when it comes to invaders of their territory. That photographer was lucky the mother wasn't about.'

Peter Ansell, chairman of the Friends of Horsey Seals - a group set up to protect the breeding creatures, agreed and reminded visitors not to get too close. The group, whose volunteers take turns to watch over the seals at Horsey, encourages people to keep their distance, not only because seals have a nasty bite but because disturbing them could result in mums abandoning their pups.

To find out more about responsibly visiting the breeding colony, visit

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