VIDEO: Norwich dog Ozzy becomes a YouTube sensation

A Norwich dog with an amazing sense of balance has shot to fame after becoming a YouTube sensation.

Ozzy, who lives in the city with his owner Nick Johnson, has become a canine celebrity after a passer-by filmed one of Ozzy's tricks and posted the video in YouTube.

The footage - in which Ozzy astonishingly balances on his hind legs on a thin metal chain that is attached to two posts - attracted more than 80,000 hits in just one day.

Since then Ozzy's amazing acrobatics have even been highlighted by ITV chat show host Jonathan Ross, and the three-year-old chocolate border collie-kelpie cross is said to be recognised everywhere he goes.

Among his other tricks, Ozzy balances on Mr Johnson's shoulders as he rides a bike, fetches newspapers that are delivered through the letterbox, and balances on street signs.

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Mr Johnson and Ozzy go on a daily walk around Norwich, and Mr Johnson, a 50-year-old carpenter, devotes up to five hours a day to training Ozzy whose full name is Osbert Humperdinck Pumpernickle.

About his training style, Mr Johnson told a national newspaper: 'Old-style dog-trainers say you should never look at the dog, but if a dog is looking at you he is giving you his full attention.

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'I bring him into my eyes and that helps him balance. I use a lot of sign language with him. I use my eyebrows to encourage him, but the most powerful command is me wagging my little finger.

'That means 'Come on' when he is right on the edge of what he can do.'

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