Video: King’s Lynn student in training for office chair world record bid

For many the temptation to swing or travel around the workplace on their office chair is irresistible.

In fact, it is said that the average office chair travels some seven miles a year.

But 19-year-old Michael Boardman is hoping to travel 15 times that amount on an office chair in just four days around the Norfolk coast.

The College of West Anglia student is starting his 112-mile attempt to raise money for the Norfolk Hospice, Tapping House on Friday, June 17.

He said: 'I came up with the idea after I heard how far the average office chair travels in a year and thought I could easily beat that in a day.

'I started doing a bit of research and discovered there was no world record for it. I then contacted the Guinness Book of World Records who confirmed this and I decided to go for it.

'There is still a lot left to plan at the moment but I have been on a dry run of the route in a car and I can't wait to get going.'

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The 19-year-old's route will see him leave the college in King's Lynn and travel up to Hunstanton, across to Cromer before heading back to Lynn via Fakenham.

He continued: 'I am going to use as many back roads as I can and I want to have three chairs and plenty of spare wheels travelling along with me in a support vehicle just in case.

'I am aiming for around 30 miles a day but I haven't done much training for it just yet.

'I will travel most of it backwards but will probably mix it up and travel some sections forwards to use different muscles.

'At the moment I am really excited because it is something unique and that's what I am all about but I am sure when it gets a bit nearer to the attempt I think I will get nervous.'

He added: 'My family and friends are still calling me an idiot for even considering this attempt but they are being supportive and say it is for a good cause.

'There are quite a few people who don't think I will be able to do it but I am determined to complete it - even if it takes me an extra day.'

Michael is hoping the world record attempt will raise �5,000 for Tapping House and is also organising a charity auction night after he returns to King's Lynn on the fourth day.

He said there will be lots for people to bid for including the office chair that crosses the finish line.

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