Video: Jeremy Goss signs up for a new NNAB challenge

I must be barmy. Not only am I signed up to do my 1300-mile Back to Bayern bike ride in August, but somehow or other I've got myself hitched up to do the Larking Gowen Norwich half marathon in November – blindfolded.

The idea is to replicate what it must be like to run as someone who is blind and of course raise even more money for the Norfolk and Norwich Association for the Blind (NNAB).

The guy I've got to thank for this latest bout of foolery, is a fella called Steve Plunkett, not to be confused with the England quick bowler Liam, but a raving-mad Canaries fan and keen runner I first met as a fellow guest on Radio Norfolk's The Scrimmage.

Steve is also running the half marathon for the NNAB, and reckons between us we should raise a fair few quid for the cause.

While running 13 miles wouldn't normally faze me too badly, the prospect of doing it 'blind' frankly fills me with dread and is just as daunting as cycling 1300 miles when at least I can see where I'm going.

We haven't worked out the details yet, but without sounding sexist, I would prefer to have a woman runner as my guide around the course rather than Steve. I just think I'll be more comfortable holding on to someone's arm as I run rather than being attached by a lead, and the Gentle Touch would be far more receptive, let's say.

As well as being able to donate online at, you can also send an old-fashioned cheque in the post to NNAB, Magpie Road, Norwich, NR3 1JH.