VIDEO: Downham Market guides are helping their town to shine

A creative group of Guides is helping to make a town sparkle ahead of a visit by Anglia in Bloom judges.

The 1st Downham Market Guides have made a sign out of recycled materials which spells out Downham in Bloom and which will be used as part of the town's entry this year.

The Guides have also designed and placed chewing gum boards with pictures on them around the town to discourage people disposing of gum on the pavement and park benches.

The Guides were asked by the Downham in Bloom committee to create the sign and boards after they came up with several ideas to make a difference to the town.

It comes as the committee has made an urgent plea for people to help clean up certain areas of the town ahead of the judges' visit on July 9.

Victoria Fonzo, Guide leader, said: 'The Guides have always been an integral part of the community. We were approached to see how we could help with Downham in Bloom and we very much wanted to give something back to the community.'

Guide Maddison Carter, 12, said: 'We do lots of fun activities but also do great things for the town. The sign took us two hours to make but we've been collecting materials for several weeks.'

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Downham in Bloom is led by West Norfolk Council and Downham Market Town Council and includes a host of community groups, residents and businesses.

Sarah Mawby, the town council's events co-ordinator, thanked the Guides for their enthusiasm and support and said their efforts have made a huge difference.

She added: 'We really need people to come forward over the next couple of weeks to volunteer to do jobs that desperately need doing to ensure the town sparkles before the judges arrive.'

People are being invited to take part in big clean-up of the town on Sunday, July 8. Anyone able to help the committee should call Miss Mawby on 01366 387770.

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