Video: Dereham Town FC brings Harlem Shake internet craze to mid Norfolk

Dereham Town FC does the Harlem Shake

Dereham Town FC does the Harlem Shake - Credit: Archant

A 30 second internet dance craze that has swept the world over the past four weeks finally arrived in mid Norfolk this weekend thanks to Dereham Town FC.

Dereham Town FC does the Harlem Shake

Dereham Town FC does the Harlem Shake - Credit: Archant

Harlem Shake videos show one person, usually wearing a motorcycle helmet, dancing alone to the music while a group of people nearby act oblivious.

But when a voice on the track says 'Do the Harlem Shake' after 15 seconds, the image suddenly switches to everyone dancing wildly in fancy dress.

The Harlem Shake started life in an Australian schoolboy's bedroom on February 2, but versions have since been made by the Norwegian Army, the English National Ballet and anti-government protesters in Egypt.

Dereham Town FC players created their own version of the dance following their 1-0 victory over Haverhill on Saturday.

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The team used a Harlem Shake app for mobile phones to create the half-minute video, which starts with Nicky Howell wearing just black pants and a motorcycle helmet as he dances behind the rest of the team as they sit on the pitch for a talk from manager Matt Henman.

After 15 seconds the screen is filled with players dressed as Ali G, Darth Vader and a pumpkin, all dancing madly.

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Midfielder Aaron Kay said: 'We did it for a bit of banter to bring the team together a bit.

'We talked about it for a few weeks and we had few away games and then a night game and we decided that the next home game on a Saturday we will do it.

'We were a bit tired after the home game but we just got changed and went out and did it.'

He said they filmed the video about 10 minutes after the end of the match, when most spectators were back in the club house, but a few came back out to take photographs of their antics.

The video has already been viewed nearly 1,000 times since it was uploaded on Saturday.

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