Victory Housing Trust residents left without heating for six days in Cromer

Elderly residents at a Cromer housing complex have been left without heating for six days.

It comes after a string of breakdowns affecting Victory Housing Trust's lift at Meadow Close, which had been out of use for five days at the beginning on the month.

The heating problems occured at the complex over Easter when a boiler fault left residents without heating and limited hot water since Friday (April 6).

Resident Eddie Woods said he was concerned about some of the complex's more vulnerable people, where some residents are in their 90s, including worries about bigger power bills because of the temporary fan heaters provided by Victory.

A spokesman for Victory Housing apologised about the boiler problems, and said their contractors will fix the problem today by replacing a pump and control units.

'Residents have had access to hot water in their bathrooms,' he said.

'And Victory have supplied residents with electric fan heaters.'

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He added that people would have service charges reduced to compensate for extra power costs.

At the end of last month the building's lift broke down after a fuse had blown on March 30. Spare parts had to be ordered and it was fixed on April 4.

Victory said it was continuing to seek further advice from Stannah about any other works which could be done to increase lift reliability.

The housing group's team also visited residents at the 25-flat complex to give updates and reassurance.

The spokesman added: 'It's just an unfortunate coincidence these two breakdowns have happened in close proximately to each other. All the properties of Victory Housing have been brought up to standard since they were taken over six years ago.'

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