Vettese Ice Cream entrepreneur’s legacy in Great Yarmouth

Joseph Peter Vettese. Picture: Supplied

Joseph Peter Vettese. Picture: Supplied - Credit: Supplied

Joseph Peter Vettese, of the well-known Vettese ice-cream dynasty, has died at the age of 89.

Joseph Peter Vettese who passed away on November 10, 2015. Picture: Supplied

Joseph Peter Vettese who passed away on November 10, 2015. Picture: Supplied - Credit: Supplied

The pedigree business, which was established in Scotland in 1919, included ice cream parlours, snack bars, Italian restaurants and gift shops with the first Yarmouth store opening in the 1930s.

Mr Vettese was born in Paisley, Scotland, before moving to Aberdeen and then to Yarmouth. He was one of seven children with five sisters and one brother who all worked for the business at one time or another.

Mr Vettese's son, also called Joseph said: 'He loved his businesses and they are a big part of Yarmouth's history but he often preferred to stay behind scenes. He never really stopped working for the business, he kept on going for as long as he could even if it was simply doing the books.

'He was an intelligent man who was very kind and generous to everybody. He was known as the man to go for if something was broken because he knew how to fix anything.'

Mr Vettese met his wife Luigina Notarianni, who died in 2013, through the love of ice cream, with his son saying that he believed they met at an Ice Cream Alliance Annual Ball in Blackpool.

Luigina's family owned an ice cream company in Blackpool and Mr Vettese would often travel to the Lancashire resort to meet up with her. The pair were married in 1952 in Blackpool.

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The Vettese family originate from the Italian village of Valvori - close to the cities of Rome and Naples - and Mr Vettese was very much a fan of the country and the family life.

Mr Vetesse's daughter-in-law, Kay Vettese said: 'His main thing in life was family. He took such good care of everybody and liked to keep to tradition and have the whole family together for Sunday dinner, which is something we try to keep going now.'

His son added: 'He loved Italy and he liked to travel there as much as he could. To him everything which was Italian was the best.'

Joseph Vettese leaves seven children.

The family-only funeral is at St Mary's Church at 11.45am on Friday November 27.

Before and after the service the cortege will take a 'last look' along Regent Road and the seafront where many of the old Vettese stores once stood. People are welcome to pay their respects along the route.