Vet goes dog-free at special cat clinic

Dr Jennifer Sinclair with patient Hike Picture: London Road Vets

Dr Jennifer Sinclair with patient Hike Picture: London Road Vets - Credit: Archant

A vet has launched a special clinic just for cats.

The London Road Veterinary Centre in King's Lynn is going dog-free each Monday, to reduce the stress on our feline friends.

Dr Jennifer Sinclair, clinical director at the practice, said: 'Cats can become very stressed by the sight of a cat carrier as they associate this with a trip away from the comfort of their home.

'You can greatly reduce the stress factor by giving your cats time to become familiar with the carrier. To accomplish this, try leaving the carrier out around the home or by encouraging your cat to sleep or eat inside the basket.

'Likewise, scent is very important to our feline friends, so try adding some of their own bedding, one of your t-shirts or a spritz of pheromone spray to the carrier about 30 minutes before you aim to leave, this can encourage them into the carrier of their own accord.'

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Unfamiliar sounds and smells of the waiting room can cause further anxiety.

The vets will also be infusing their building on Hospital Walk with relaxing, stress-relieving pheromones and preventing loud noises or barking.

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