Fears for 'industrialisation' of village after wind farm green light

vattenfall nection fears industrialisation

Vattenfall's Norfolk Boreas wind farm has been granted permission. - Credit: Jenny Smedley/Robin Dawe/Perfectly Clear Mark

People in a Norfolk village fear the area will become industrialised after an offshore wind farm was given the green light.

Swedish energy giant Vattenfall was granted a development consent for its Norfolk Boreas wind farm on Friday and the company has revealed its plans for the site.

But it will also bring disruption to communities and went against the recommendation of the Planning Inspectorate.

wind farm map

Map of underground cable corridors which are planned for the Vattenfall (blue line) and Orsted (red line) offshore wind farms. - Credit: Archant

Their concern is not about the construction of turbines off the coast, but the impact the schemes will have on land.

This includes a 40-mile cable route stretching from Happisburgh to an expanded substation in Necton.

The prospect of the expansion of the substation has triggered a range of different views from villagers.

jenny smedley

Jenny Smedley, spokesperson for Necton Substations Action Group. - Credit: Jenny Smedley

Jenny Smedley, spokesperson for Necton Substations Action group, said: "This substation will be four and a half times bigger than what we've already got.

"Necton will be left with a revolting, ugly, industrialisation of the countryside around us.

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"The converter stations for both projects alone will be the size of eight angels of the north all holding hands in a row.

"This will be 400 metres from one farm.

"90 parish councils are standing with us in resistance to this, plus Natural England and the RSPB fear the impact on the landscape and the destruction of marine biodiversity in the North Sea."

Steve Cheshire, chief executive officer of Norfolk Citizens Advice Bureau. Picture: SOPHIE WYLLIE

Steve Cheshire who lives in Necton - Credit: SOPHIE WYLLIE

However, villager Steve Cheshire sees no problem with the development.

"I think this was inevitable because as soon as we got one substation it would just get bigger," he said.

"We can't all be 'nimbys' and it has got to go somewhere and we can't run away from it anymore.

"We need green energy more than coal, fuel or cars."

05/29/98 pic 2 of 5. The Necton village sign.

Necton village sign - Credit: Eastern Counties Newspapers

Margaret Woodall has lived in Necton for 18 years and said: "My only issue is its size.

"Norfolk is an agricultural and tourist spot and this will have an impact.

"I'm all for wind but the substation could maybe be placed on an island out at sea instead."

vattenfall offshore wind farm

Vattenfall's offshore Norfolk Vanguard project promises to be one of the largest in the world. - Credit: Archant

Debbie Mortan, who has lived in the village for 11 years, said: "I'm on the fence really.

"I can see the benefits of it for going green but the impact this will have on Necton with house prices and the look of the area will not be good."

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