How should millions from wind farm developer be spent in Norfolk?

Catrin Jones, from Vattenfall. Picture: (Julian Claxton) CHVP and Vattenfall.

Catrin Jones, from Vattenfall.  - Credit: (Julian Claxton) CHVP and Vatten

People across Norfolk are being asked how they would like to see a multi-million fund set up by wind farm developer Vattenfall invested into the community.

The Swedish firm, which plans to install more than 300 turbines off the north Norfolk coast as part of the Vanguard and Boreas projects, has launched a survey to hear how people would use the cash to help shape a greener future.

New Anglia LEP has welcomed new reports suggesting the region's energy sector will grow massively

Billions of pounds are set to be poured into the East of England energy sector, according to New Anglia LEP - Credit: Vattenfall

Dr Catrin Ellis Jones, from Vattenfall, said: "We look forward to working in Norfolk for the next three decades and, over that time, want to play our part in supporting communities to transition to low carbon living.

"Tell us what’s important to you and your community to thrive in a climate smarter world. What positive difference can you make in your community, supported by funding from our wind farms?”

The funds would be in place for the 25-30-year lifetime of the wind farms, and Vattenfall said investment could go into areas such as low carbon travel and transport, education projects and improving life chances, community group activity to live better and tackle climate change, or wildlife projects.

Vattenfall has appointed a number of 'ambassadors' to encourage people take part in the survey. 

Engineering student Michael Denby encouraged people to take part in Vattenfall's survey. 

Engineering student Michael Denby encouraged people to take part in Vattenfall's survey. - Credit: Supplied by Vattenfall

Among them is Michael Denby, 19, a University Technical College Norfolk engineering student. 

He said: “This is the most important time for people to seize the opportunity to have their say about the way they are living and the standards of climate-smart living, allowing their community to have a better tomorrow”.

Konstantinos Chalvatzis from the UEA said the survey

Konstantinos Chalvatzis from the UEA said the survey was an opportunity to have your saw on Vattenfall's investment. - Credit: Supplied by Vattenfall

Konstantinos Chalvatzis, the UEA's professor in sustainable energy business, added: “This is an exciting opportunity for all of us in the Norfolk community to say what we love about living here and start thinking about the energy and climate future we want for our region.“

“Norfolk businesses working on Vattenfall’s projects will be spreading the message to get involved." 

People can take part in the survey by visiting or calling 0800 019 3517 for a Freepost version.
The results will be published in summer.