Updated: Norfolk coastal areas prepare for high winds and possible flooding

Floods warnings are in place

Floods warnings are in place - Credit: PA

People in Great Yarmouth and Wells have been receiving calls from the Environment Agency warning them of severe flooding and telling them to be prepared to evacuate their homes.Meanwhile, flood barrier defences have been put up at Wells in preparation for the forecasted storms.

Anne Edwards, editor of the Great Yarmouth Mercury, was woken by an alert call from the Environment Agency at 6.30am - the recorded message warning of possible evacuation of homes later this evening.

'We live in Southtown. not too far from the River Yare, and the whole area west of the weather is being informed of possible flooding.

'It's a bit scary, and we're making plans to take precious possessions upstairs later today, as well as water and food - and dog food. We keep a camping stove upstairs just in case.

'And I've already dug out the home insurance documents - again just in case.

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'Other than that there is not a lot we can do, we're in the hands of the weather and and the sea defences here.'

EDP, Evening News and Great Yarmouth reporter Lauren Rogers said: 'We were up at 6am for an early dog walk on the beach, but before the kettle had boiled we received an automated phone call from the Environment Agency warning us of flooding. The call warned of severe flood warnings and risk to life, as well as possible evacuation in some areas. Our house is on the dunes in Winterton so, while close, we still seem a fair distance from the sea, but talk of tidal surges and the worst storm in 30 years has made us think twice.

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'We might take the dog to a friend's house - just to be safe and I am keeping a close eye on the EA website before heading out.'

Elsewhere, the Environment Agency for Wells Quay has issued a severe flood warning for 8pm today.

The floods are expected to hit the quay and waterside properties.

Flood barriers have been put in place and people are being told to evacuate their homes by 4pm.

Marie Strong, who coordinates the Wells flood scheme with her husband Mike, said they were knocking on people's doors and ringing those who live in East Quay, the main quay and Freeman Street.

She said: 'We're preparing to evacuate the whole of the front of the town. The predictions now are for a higher tide than what they first predicted this morning.

'People are being told to evacuate unless they hear otherwise.'

Householders will evacuate to Alderman Peel High School. Mrs Strong said the school was already prepared for the evacuation operation.

Meanwhile, the Wells harbour master Bob Smith said he was keeping a close eye on the weather.

He said: 'We have put all our flood barriers up and closed the quayside today with barriers to be on the safe side. At the moment, I'm not overly concerned but I have got concerns.

'If the wind comes further in from the north then we can end up with problems. I'm watching what the weather does this afternoon.'

Do you live at the Norfolk or north Suffolk coast? What are you doing to prepare for today's flood warnings? Email newsdesk@archant.co.uk.

Check back on this story for updates.

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