UPDATE: Van fire at Edgefield, near Holt, was specially-converted VW on way to Dubs at the Hall festival

The van which caught fire at Edgefield, near Holt, this morning was a specially-converted VW on its way to serve coffee at the Dubs at the Hall festival now underway at Holt Hall.

Firefighters from Aylsham went to help at the scene, on a bend of the B1149 between Corpusty and Edgefield, but the fire, in the Campacinno van, had been put out before they arrived.

Brian Bussell, who runs the Chilli Gone Barmy food-serving camper van, stopped to help the stricken vehicle.

Mr Bussell, who regularly partners up with Campacinno at festivals by stretching an awning between the two vehicles, said: 'We were driving one vehicle behind and we saw it just go up in flames. We pulled over to help but he very quickly got the fire out. We are arranging for someone to pick the owner's caravan up and hopefully the AA will get the camper van so he can trade at the festival. We still don't know what happened and whether it was to do with the engine or the equipment inside.'

The video on this site shows the painstaking work which had gone into converting Campacinno, based in Woodbridge, Suffolk. The extent of the fire damage is unknown.

The Dubs festival, celebrating VW vehicles, continues until Sunday.

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