UPDATE. Picture of Sea Palling Lifeboat damaged in accident drama

A good neighbour came to the rescue last night as one Norfolk lifeboat helped out another one that had hit an object in the water.

Happisburgh RNLI lifeboat was called out at 9.20pm after reports that Sea Palling independent lifeboat had hit trouble, with members of the crew in the North Sea.

By the time the Spirit of Berkhamsted reached the stricken boat, it was damaged on the beach with all three of its crew safe on the shore.

Happisburgh lifeboat, with Tony Phenix at the helm, stood offshore and other RNLI crew members went along the beach to help the Sea Palling crew.

One of them had an arm injury and all three were helped to Happisburgh lifeboat station, where the injured man was treated by RNLI crew until an ambulance arrived.

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The Sea Palling vessel was returning to base at full speed after a training exercise when it struck a mystery obstacle about 300 yards off Happisburgh beach.

The force of the impact stopped the boat dead in the water and caused the helm console to buckle, according to helmsman Lewis Gladding, 18.

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Mr Gladding said he had followed procedure by putting in a mayday call and Yarmouth Coastguard had then paged the Happisburgh Lifeboat crew and Happisburgh cliff rescue team who all turned out to help.

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