UPDATE: Norfolk Fire Service website attacked by hackers

Norfolk Fire Service is still trying to bring its website back online after hackers attacked it for the second time this week.

The website, at www.norfolkfireservice.gov.uk, was taken offline on Tuesday after the host alerted the service to a hacking attempt.

It was fixed on Wednesday evening but that night hackers brought it down again, with the homepage replaced by a hacker's logo bearing the Libyan flag, music being played, and a warning about site security.

Norfolk Fire Service said they were 'at a loss' to understand why anyone would hack the site.

A spokesman said no data was compromised before the pages were restored.

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The site has been removed this morning while the problem is investigated by IT technicians.

The online resource contains details of breaking news incidents attended by Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service, as well as safety advice and resources for use by the public.

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A spokesman said: 'Unfortunately someone would seem to be targeting our website, which is one of the main sources of safety, recruitment and other useful information for people. We are at a loss to understand why anyone would want to attack such a site and are working hard to fix it. The website is extremely popular with many people and this is a genuine shame. No data has been stolen. Hopefully the pages will be up and running again soon.'

The service is still posting on its Facebook page, at www.facebook.com/NFRSPage.

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