UPDATE: Mulbarton water leak stopped sooner than expected

Engineers have stopped water gushing from a leak in a county village sooner than expected after fears were raised it was creating a danger for motorists.

Big puddles emerged in Norwich Road, Mulbarton, because of a problem near to Mulbarton Common and Forge Orchards.

This led to villager Brian Mitchell expressing concerns for the safety of people travelling by road, especially motorcycles, as temperatures were expected to plummet over the weekend.

Mr Mitchell said: 'Cars are hitting the flood at a minimum of 30mph and the cars that do spot the flood veer into the centre of the road towards vehicles coming out of the T-junction and the blind bend.'

And with Anglian Water previously warning that current weather trends could result in East Anglia suffering its worst drought since 1921, Mr Mitchell also said he was frustrated by the lack of action to stop the leak.

He predicted hundreds of gallons of water were lost on Friday.

Anglian Water originally notified residents that repairs would start today.

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But after being contacted by the Evening News, the company confirmed a crew was working on the problem on Saturday.

A company spokesman said it appeared the problem was a 'fairly bog-standard leak' and blocked drains were causing water to run onto the road.

The spokesman added yesterday: 'Yes, all was fixed on Saturday and no customers' water was turned off.'

Norfolk County Council's fleet of gritters were out treating roads across the region on Saturday night due to the predicted low temperatures.

What can be done to prevent water supplies from running low? Write to Evening News letters at Prospect House, Rouen Road, Norwich, NR1 1RE or email eveningnewsletters@archant.co.uk

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