Update: Government urge petrol panic to stop and confirm tanker strike will not happen at Easter

Government officials have urged people to stop panic buying fuel this morning - confirming that a strike by tanker drivers over the Easter holidays is not going to happen.

The Department for Energy and Climate Change has said: 'There is no urgency to top up your tank, a strike will not happen over Easter.'

The last two days have seen queues forming at petrol stations around Norfolk and north Suffolk, eventually leading to some stations running out of fuel and unsure when their next delivery would be made.

The panic appears to be dying down now though, with few queues reported.

At Sheringham, the Esso garage ended two dry days when it received a delivery of unleaded and diesel on Friday evening, with another expected tomorrow.

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While others - including Coltishall Island and Roman Camp at Aylmerton - still had their pumps closed as they waited for a delivery of fuel tomorrow, most filling stations in the north of Norfolk were returning to normal.

It was reported that both Morrisons at Cromer and Roughton Filling Station were seeing average demand after two days of lengthy tailbacks that saw Roughton sell three times as much fuel as normal.

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The petrol station at Sprowston's Tesco supermarket, on Blue Boar Lane, is reported to have had a marshal ensuring that there were no congestion problems on their forecourt this morning.

Elsewhere in Norwich, the Murco petrol station on Aylsham Road is reported to have taken a delivery this morning and the Morrisons supermarket on Riverside is said to be fairly quiet.

Meanwhile in Diss, the Shell garage in Victoria Road was still without fuel this morning, having had 'no fuel' signs up yesterday as well, but the garage's manager Mohan Selvam said a delivery of unleaded and diesel was expected this morning, with another tomorrow.

A small queue had built up at the Morrisons filling station, opposite the supermarket, but there were no anticipated problems with fuel supplies.

However the BP garage on Icknield Way, Thetford, had run out of diesel this morning, but was expecting a delivery this evening, while the Esso station on Mundford Road was back on track today with a delivery of about 40,000 litres of fuel this morning, having run out of diesel yesterday afternoon.

A spokesman for the Esso garage said about 20,000 litres was sold yesterday morning, while on a normal day, prior to the fuel panic, about 10,000 litres was usually sold throughout a day.

The Harvest Energy filling station, formerly Jet, on Bury Road, Thetford, reported no problems.

In Dereham there were no queues for unleaded and diesel at the Tesco or Esso Lynn Hill garages this morning.

Andrew Lawrence, who owns the Lynn Hill garage as well as petrol stations in Hellesdon, Drayton, Harleston and Sheringham, said: 'Today is the first day all our five sites are running. All of them have had supplies overnight and this morning.'

But he did have concerns that two of his garages would be out of unleaded and diesel by tomorrow.

Mr Lawrence is also from the Retail Motor Industry (RMI) Petrol, which represents independent petrol stations.

He said the Esso garage in Sheringham had run dry of unleaded and diesel for two days before a delivery arrived last night and tankers delivered fuel to his garages in Drayton, Hellesdon and Dereham this morning.

The Harleston site received its delivery yesterday, but another one will not be made tomorrow.

Mr Lawrence confirmed that the next supply of fuel to the Dereham garage will be made tomorrow.

He added: 'Fingers crossed I'd think by Tuesday, if everybody holds their breath, we should be okay in time for Easter.'

Elsewhere in the town there were slightly more cars waiting to fill up at the Morrisons petrol station in Station Road, but a fuel tanker was parked on the forecourt at about 10.30am.

In Swaffham the Waitrose petrol station and BP garage in Lynn Road reported that there were enough supplies and the number of customers had 'calmed down'.

The next delivery to the BP garage is due to arrive tomorrow and a tanker had been at the Waitrose petrol station this morning.

But it is a different story in Watton as four petrol stations have run out of diesel, including the Esso garage in Brandon Road, Wayland Garage in Thetford Road, and Aerolite Garage in Norwich Road.

Owner of Aerolite Garage, Grahame Parrott, said: 'I'm not happy. The amount of spillages from people overfilling their vehicles is not good. Hopefully we'll get some more fuel on Monday and things will get back to normal.'

There is still a supply of unleaded at the garage but Mr Parrott was concerned that even though there were less people filling up at the pumps today it might run out this evening.

Customers at Aerolite Garage are limited to buying �20 worth of fuel.

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