UPDATE: Fuel panic continues in to the night – but what do you think?

Motorists have faced queues into the evening at petrols stations in Norfolk.

A fresh delivery at the Shell garage on Plumstead Road in Norwich created almost instant queues by drivers desperately trying to fill up their tanks.

And at 10.30pm, queues remained at the Queens Road Sainsbury's station in the city, which had reportedly run out of diesel.

But some drivers were noticing a gradual calm with the Roughton Service Station, near Cromer, which had previously had queues snaking off the forecourt, said to be clear.

Earlier today, garages in towns and villages across the county had experienced a second day of panic buying by drivers – despite assurances by Unite, the union representing tanker drivers, that there would not be a strike over the Easter holiday.

What do you think about the fuel panic? Write a comment below.

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Here are some of the thoughts and latest updates from our Twitter followers:

@roboooc: 'No diesel at Sainos Queens Rd, some in Morrisons, though running low. I actually need it for Fulham trip. Is that everyone's excuse?'

@aistronach: Drove back from railway station at 2115 and queues up Queens Rd. Sign up saying no diesel. Francis Maude was directing traffic.'

@andrewnickerson: 'Tescos in Yarmouth seems calm now, especially compared to this time yesterday.'

@jamiewright24: 'Roughton is all clear and good to go #relief.'

@sophiey84: 'If everyone is still queuing for petrol, why did my journey home take ages? No upsides to the madness after all!'

@wattlycat: 'The tanker drivers are NOT on strike and not striking any time soon either: this panic is entirely govt/media fuelled!'

@lovenorwich: 'We have to say the staff at Tesco Blue Boar are doing a brilliant job with the huge queues today. They deserve a mention!' @tony_sutton: 'It's getting out of hands now. The Gov is to be blamed.'

@BillHamblin: 'Let's hope this madness ends soon – don't the tanker drivers know the rest of the country are in the same position but not striking.'

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