Update: Bomb disposal experts carry out controlled explosion on Hopton beach

Bomb disposal experts carried out a controlled explosion on Hopton beach today after a naval shell was found by a fisherman.

At 5pm a quiet popping noise was heard and sand was seen shooting up between the groynes as experts carried out the explosion.

The ordnance was found at 2pm on Saturday and part of the beach was immediately cordoned off.

Coastguard Rescue Officers from Lowestoft and Gorleston were sent to inspect it and found the 17ins long shell wedged into a metal sea defence below the high water mark, partly covered in sand but it soon became submerged under water when the tide came in

Experts arrived at the scene at 2pm and after x-raying the device, they discovered that the naval shell was explosive. Parts of the cliff top were cordoned off and bomb disposal experts carried out the controlled explosion at 5pm, to coincide with the low tide.

Sand bags were placed around the scheme while spectators gathered 200 metres away on the cliff top to watch the bomb explode while others stooped behind groynes on the beach to see the shell being blown up.

Andrew Sutherland, station officer at Lowestoft and Southwold coastguard, said: 'Yesterday we got called to meet a member of the public who had found an object. We took a photo and sent it to the Joint Service Explosive Ordnance Disposal (JSEOD) who arranged to send out the bomb disposal team.

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'They decided it was unsafe to transport so they had to blow it up on the beach. We worked closely with Potters who were excellent and helped us with equipment.

'This type of incident is relatively common, we get called to about five or six a year. If people discover something obscure on the beach then we recommend that they do not approach it and to call the coastguard.'

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