Giant UFO crash lands in Norfolk seaside village for filming of Roswell TV series

The crashed UFO at a Mundesley quarry.

The crashed UFO at a Mundesley quarry. - Credit: Discovery/October Films

A documentary aiming to shed light on one of the world's most famous UFO mysteries has been partly filmed in Norfolk, and even saw a giant spacecraft land in a seaside village.

Filming for Roswell: The Final Verdict, which is currently airing on Discovery Plus, took place across Norfolk with the former RAF Coltishall site used as an American military base.

Great Yarmouth and Mundesley stood in for the Arizona desert and, in the latter,  production teams from October Studios, based at Scottow Business Park, built a giant UFO in a quarry.

"In order to fake Roswell, in Arizona, we used one of the quarries near Mundesley because from the right angle it looks like a desert, and we built a big UFO down there.

"We've been based at the Scottow Business Park for six years now, the former site of RAF Coltishall, and obviously that was perfect for the period American airbase which we needed to recreate.

"We filmed at one of the beaches in Great Yarmouth as well and we shot for 15 days in the end, in the middle of winter, so all of our actors were freezing cold outside and they were supposed to be in the Arizona desert so that was a challenge.

"We utilised a lot of the local historical vehicles, there's lots of people in Norfolk who own and restore American Jeeps and that, which we sourced from them.

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"It was a fun shoot, we like to film around where we are in Coltishall where we've got lots of stately houses and all around the county."

Roswell: The Final Verdict is on Discovery Plus every Friday until July 23.