UEA’s Tyndall Centre rejects Mail on Sunday claims over influencing BBC policy

Fresh allegations over leaked UEA emails were made in The Mail on Sunday today.

The Climategate emails reportedly show the centre spent �15,000 on seminars for BBC executives.

The paper reported that the emails show university staff vetted BBC scripts and put pressure on the BBC to not interview climate change sceptics.

Conservative MP David Davis told the Mail: 'Using research money to evangelise one point of view and suppress another defies everything I ever learnt about the scientific method.'

But a spokesman for the BBC rejected the claim that the Tyndall Centre influenced the corporation's broadcast policy.

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And a spokesman for the Tyndall Centre said: 'We infrequently provide advice to media programmes for effective science communication when requested.

'We promote accurate information on climate change research, and will speak up against attempts to confuse the public with obscure, unsupported, or unbalanced reporting of the available evidence on climate change.

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'The Tyndall Centre supports and encourages society to debate its options to manage our future climate. There is overwhelming evidence that the world is warming because of greenhouse gases.'

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