Two children stranded at Mundesley Beach lead to lifeboat rescue

The Mundesley Lifeboat. Picture: MARK BULLIMORE

The Mundesley Lifeboat. Picture: MARK BULLIMORE

The Mundesley Lifeboat team rescued two people whilst on a training exercise, after a pair of young boys were stranded off the beach.

Two boys found themselves trapped in a strong current after heavy winds played havoc with the sea.

Two women went into the ocean after the pair, with one rescuing one of the boys and bringing him back to shore.

The other woman reached the boy, however they were unable to get back inland and so alerted the lifeboat crew, who were already out for training on July 30.

Paul Francis is Second Coxswain on the independent lifeboat. He said: 'They were holding onto body boards so they wouldn't sink, they weren't in a life threatening situation because of that. They'd just gone too far out.'

Mr Francis, who lives in Mundesley, has been a member of a lifeboat crew since he was just 15 years old. He said: 'We always keep telling people, swim between the flags, and this group weren't.

'It was a joint effort between ourselves, the lifeguards, and the Happisburgh and Mundesley coastguard teams.'