Twins notch up 63 years of service at Norfolk and Norwich University hospital

Norwich twins were thanked yesterday as they retired after completing a joint total of 63 years' service at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

Marion Baxter, from Old Catton, and Margaret Askew, who lives in Hethersett, have both worked at the N&N at the old and new sites in differing administrative departments over the years, and yesterday's special presentation thanked them while paying tribute to their work in the NHS.

Margaret is retiring from her job as PA/directorate secretary in oncology and haematology, and Marion as office manager in medical illustration.

Despite the pair working at opposite wings of the hospital, East and West, they meet for lunch daily, confusing other diners as to who is who. Marion joined the pathology department at the hospital in 1966, with her sister joining the radiotherapy department in 1992. Both women have seen a lot of changes to the NHS over their career, experiencing Conservative and Labour government strategies and the hospital's big move to its new site in 2001.

Marion remembers a time at the old hospital when everything was a lot smaller, and where everyone knew each other.

She said: 'We used to run around the hospital delivering typed notes, and now, of course, so much is done electronically.'

She praised the new hospital's efficiency, saying it was much more beneficial for patients now everything was in one place.

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Margaret recalls joining the hospital and, early on, being mistaken for her sister. She said: 'People would ask me how I was and I wouldn't know who they were.'

Although the sisters are leaving the hospital, Marion's daughter works as an administrative assistant, continuing the family involvement.

Both women were touched by their retirement send off, and thanked everyone for their time over the years. Margaret said: 'I will never forget my time at the hospital, and working with a smashing lot of people doing a tremendous job.'

Both sisters have plans for their retirement; Marion will be returning to the hospital to volunteer, and perhaps even do a bit of travelling, while Margaret will be spending time with her two children and five grandchildren.

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