Twins a double joy for Bedingham IVF couple

When James and Annabel Brooke went for IVF treatment they were full of hope that their dream of having a baby would be realised.

They knew the process could take a long time with many treatment cycles, but they were prepared to do all they could to build a family.

So when they heard that that they were expecting a baby they were delighted, and to find out they were having twins was even more of a blessing.

Mrs Brooke, of Bedingham, near Bungay, said: 'We were so delighted to hear that first heartbeat so when we saw another embryo it was overwhelming and wonderful.

'One of those moments you will never forget your whole life.'

James, 45, and Annabel, 39, were referred to the fertility service at the James Paget University Hospital, in Gorleston, by their doctor after struggling to conceive.

The couple, who have been married three and a half years, underwent a cycle of IVF treatment at the JPH, and were delighted when it led to double joy as they had twins Thomas and Rosanna.

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'When going through the cycle you are hoping for one baby as it is such an amazing outcome, so to get pregnant with twins is an incredible piece of news,' said Mrs Brooke.

She said it was an agonising time but praised those who treated them in helping them to keep stress to a minimum as they kept positive.

'We were full of hope that it would work, but through your cycle you prepare mentally in case if does not work,' she said.

'To go through it is an emotional rollercoaster and it is hard for those who have not been through it to understand.'

Luckily the couple were successful first time from the IVF treatment, but they know it can take longer for other couples and highly recommended the JPH service.

Mrs Brooke said: 'It was something we both wanted for a long time and we hoped it would happen quickly, and for some it does and others it takes longer.'

She added: 'Every case is different, we feel really sympathetic to those struggling with infertility problems but they should take an enormous amount of comfort being referred to such a fantastic service.'

The JPH runs the fertility service in collaboration with Bourn Hall Clinic near Cambridge.

Ali Elfara, lead consultant for fertility services at the JPH, said: 'As a team we are all absolutely delighted that Annabel and James went on to have their twins and that the care they had here was so well appreciated.

'The James Paget was one of the first hospitals to offer its patients a transport IVF service, with egg collection carried out here and embryo transfer performed at Bourn Hall.'


In the general population, 70pc of couples will conceive naturally within 18 months of trying for a baby and 90pc after two years.

The chance of natural conception can be improved through greater awareness of the woman's monthly cycle and by making lifestyle changes such as stopping smoking, cut down on alcohol intake, improving diet and losing weight.

Couples that have already taken these measures and not conceived, or those who are known to have a cause of infertility such as blocked fallopian tubes or polycystic ovaries should see their GP to discuss the next steps.

GPs can refer couples with fertility issues to the JPH where necessary investigations such as hormone tests for ovarian reserve, tubal patency test and ultrasound to exclude any abnormalities will be undertaken to try and identify the cause of infertility before offering the appropriate treatment.

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