Twelve cuddling kittens dumped by the roadside near King’s Lynn

A litter of 12 kittens has been found abandoned near King's Lynn. Picture: Chris Bishop

A litter of 12 kittens has been found abandoned near King's Lynn. Picture: Chris Bishop - Credit: Archant

Miaow on earth could anyone even think of abandoning 12 kittens and leaving them to die?

The tiny mites, just a few weeks old, were found dumped at the roadside at Gayton.

A passer-by called the RSPCA, after seeing them huddled together beside the Well Hall Lane.

Animal lovers are now caring for what are believed to be two litters, which will be health-checked, micro-chipped and neutered before being put up for rehoming.

RSPCA inspector Dean Astillberry found the kittens on the verge, in a remote spot near a dog waste bin.

'I've seen some horrible things before but I've never seen 12 kittens dumped by the side of the road like that,' he said. 'They were cuddling each other to keep warm.'

Within an hour of the kittens being collected and taken to the RSPCA's animal hospital at nearby East Winch, it was raining heavily.

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With no protection from the elements, it is unlikely they would have survived the deluge.

Anyone abandoning a cat could face a fine of up to £20,000.

An RSPCA spokesman said it was called to a report of 12 kittens abandoned near a dog waste bin in Well Hall Lane at 12.30pm on Monday.

She added: 'There were 12 kittens which are thought to be from two litters, eight kittens about three weeks old and another four kittens who are about five weeks old. The kittens are being cared for by an RSPCA branch until they are old enough to be rehomed.

'These kittens are young and vulnerable and should still have been with their mothers, not dumped on the side of a road where they could have died if they hadn't been found.

'We want to hear from anyone who knows where these kittens have come from.'

Anyone with information can call 0300 123 8018.

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